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Welcome Message

Dear experts,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to invite you to attend the 5th Suzhou International High Power Test & Measurement Technical Forum, which will take place from 26 through 28 April 2019 in Suzhou, China.

The forum is a non-governmental academic organization. The main purpose of this forum is to improve the development and application of technique in the field of high power test and measurement, exchange the status and the application of research results on high power test and measurement, and discuss study on high voltage core technology, such as SHV transmission insulation technology, VSC-HVDC, EHV synthetic circuit, and discuss the power electronics and intelligent electrical apparatus in high voltage area. The first SHPTF was held in Jan. 2013 in China.

SHPTF will offer opportunities to share the most up-to-date scientific discoveries and information about high power test. The ultimate objective is to advance our field of high power test technology through networking among laboratories, academia, industries, and all affiliated specialists and building fair platform among colleagues from all over the world.

Gardens and canals in Suzhou enjoy nationwide reputation, Suzhou's ancient heritages, like beautiful gardens and courtyard parks, have been preserved. This ambitious city, however, is not going to trade upon its past in order to meet the future. Wandering into the old neighborhoods is a pleasant experience.

With your active participation and support, this forum will achieve a resounding success.

Thank you very much.

Lou van der Sluis
Chairman of SHPTF


Local Organizing Committee

Yang Xuetong CMIF China
Hu Delin EETI China
Pei Eryang CMIF China
Xiang Yali EETI China
Wang Maosong EETI China
Dan Shuheng Shanghai Electric Power Colleage China
Wu Yi Xi’An Jiaotong University China
Xiao Dengming Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Peter Bakker ATiS Netherlands
Han Xiaoyong EETI China
Wu Hongyan EETI China

Technical Program Committee

Lou van der Sluis Delft University of Technology Netherlands
Ettore Figini Design and Management of Electrical Power Assets (DeMEPA) Italy
Zeng Rong Tsinghua university China
Peng Zongren Xi’An Jiaotong University China
Jimmy Qi EETI China
Chen Kui China Electrical Equipment Industry Association China
Zhang Chongle EETI China
Lu Licheng State Grid China
He Junjia Huazhong University of Science and Technology China
Li Mingzhi EETI China


Brief introduction of SHPTF

Suzhou International High Power Test &Measurement Technical Forum, is a voluntary non-profit international organization composed of academic experts, research institutes and related organizations engaged in scientific research, design, manufacturing, application, teaching and management upon large-capacity testing and measurement and control technology at home and abroad. This forum aims to provide an international communication platform for high-capacity test and related technologies, and promote the improvement of high-capacity test and detection technology in China and the world. The forum focuses on the world's leading technologies in high-voltage and high-capacity fields, such as UHV transmission insulation research, VSC-HVDC technology, ultra-high voltage synthetic circuit test; research of the application development of power electronics technology and smart electrical products in the field of high voltage.

Through this platform, we could demonstrate both the achievements of Chinese large-capacity testing technology having made in recent years, and use foreign peers’ experience and technology for reference, so as to promote exchanges and improvement between Chinese experts and their international peers. SHPTF was initiated by EETI in early 2013. It is the only professional technical forum composed of domestic and foreign industry experts for large-capacity testing technology. It is also a high-end professional academic exchange platform in China.

On 24th January 2013, the first SHPTF conference was grandly held in Suzhou. During the meeting, the regulation of SHPTF was adopted, and the secretariat was determined to be EETI. Professor Lou van der Sluis from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands was elected as the chairman of the forum; Mr. Hu Delin, president of EETI, was elected as the vice chairman; Mr. Ettore Figini, former technical committee chairman of STL, was elected as the director of SHPTF technical committee.

Since then, SHPTF has grown to be more than 100 members with the active participation and support of the first 30 representatives. They continue to track and research hotspots and difficult issues in the industry. The influence of SHPTF at home and abroad has been continuously improved. It is believed that through the role of this international exchange platform, large-capacity test and detection technology will certainly create a greater welfare for human beings.

SHPTF has been successfully held for four sessions, with a total of nearly 600 participants of testing industry experts and famous electrical appliance manufacturers from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Indonesia.

The 4rd Session of SHPTF was hold On October 27-28, 2017 in Suzhou Shihu Jinling Garden Hotel. The meeting was well received by the China Machinery Industry Federation and supported by the China Electrotechnical Society and the China Electrical Industry Association.

Leaders from National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Energy Administration, National Certification and Accreditation Administration, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, China Electrotechnical Society, China Quality Certification Center, China Inspection Group, Suzhou Municipal Government, Suzhou Science and Technology Association,State Grid and China Southern Power Grid have participated in the meeting and gave speeches.

Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences; experts, scholars and professors from Delft University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shenyang University of Technology and Suzhou University; China Electric Power Research Institute, China Southern Power Grid Institute of Science, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Special High Voltage Expert Group, provincial and municipal power companies and electric power institutes, Siemens, Baobian Electric Group, Toshiba, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Qingdao Te Ruide, TBEA, CHINT, Shandong Electric Group, Shandong Taikai Group, Wolong Electric Group, Siyuan, Netherlands Electric Power Test Institute (KEMA), Italy DeMEPA, British Intertek (ASTA) laboratory, and more than 200 representatives from industrial high-voltage electrical equipment quality testing center, Shanghai Transmission and Transformation Equipment Inspection Center, National Medium and Low-voltage Transmission and Distribution Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other famous domestic and foreign manufacturers attended the meeting.

Conference Topics (including but not limited to)

(1)On the development and application research of high power test and measurement and control technology on account of power electronics

a)Research and analysis of high power laboratory digitalizing testing system based on internet plus;

b)Study on ±500kV and ±160kV HVDC circuit breaker product testing(including mechanical and mixing type);

c)Study on 1200kV ultra-high voltage synthetic circuit test (eg. Study of equivalency evaluation between Direct test and synthetic test);

d)Study of UHV equipment insulation characteristic;

e)Study of UHV AC circuit breaker short-circuit breaking and short line fault test;

f)Study on high power laboratory testing technology;

g)Operation and statistic analysis of medium voltage circuit breaker ;

(2)On new energy resource and new technology;

a)Study of wind power and nuclear power equipment high power test ;

b)Study of power transmission and distribution equipment seismic test method;

c)Study of EMC and NEMP test method on high voltage switchgear ;

(3)On other frontier problem of power transmission and distribution equipment.